Fotoalbum | New Work

Horseshoe Bend at Sunset
Crazy Clouds over Yant Flat
Crazy Hill at Sunset
Pink Slot
Isabel at Yant Flat
Fishman Pictograph Panel
Ruin X
Cubical Ruins
Collet Top Ruin
Bigfoot Ruins
The Cockscomb
Striped Slot
Sandstone and Fins
Hoodoo Wave
Moqui Marble trapped in Sandstone
Petroglyph Ruins
Cathedral Peak
The Tree Shelter
Boulder Panel
Pictograph Ruin
Monument Basin, Canyonlands
Pink Narrows
Striped Narrows
Bighorn Sheeps Petroglyphs
Little Alien Petroglyph
The Passage
Marlboro Point - Canyonlands
Moab Maiden
Davidoff Point
The Gateway
Double Decker Ruin
Sunset Hoodoo
Crazy Rocks
Butte in Flames
Hoodoo at a stormy day
Color Flow
Guiding Lines
Navajo Domes
Yant Flat
Peek-a-boo Bridges
Purple Rock
Stronghold House - Hovenweep
Moqui Marble
Rainbow Colors
Slot Canyon Arch
Red Deer Pictograph
E.T. Panel
Tower House Ruin
Mountain Goats Petroglyph
Slot Canyon Arches
Into the Light
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