Fotoalbum | Wyoming | Yellowstone National Park

All images below were taken during our trip to Yellowstone N.P. in September 2009. Currently the gallery contains just pictures of geysers, springs and pools. Images of waterfalls and animals will follow "sometime soon"...

Twilight at Castle Geyser
Castle Geyser
Morning Glory Pool
Opalescent Pool
White Dome Geyser after Sunset
Excelsior Geyser
Rainbow Pool Runoff
Chromatic Pool
Grand Prismatic
Emerald Pool
Lone Star Geyser Eruption
Jewel Geyser
Cliff Geyser
Riverside Geyser
Sawmill Geyser and Arnica Fire Clouds
Old Faithful Geyser
Clepsydra Geyser
Grotto Geyser
Black Sand Pool
Doublet Pool
Norris Basin
Punch Bowl Spring
Daisy Geyser
Beehive Geyser
White Dome Geyser
Lone Star Geyser
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